Christmas 2020 is just around the corner and there are very few days to make the final preparations. It is a gloomy time due to the situation all around the globe but this is your time to shine. You can transform creative ideas into practical form and become the star of the evening. We are here to help you out with a few ideas to be prepared for this big day.

1. Create a List to Send Gifts

Christmas is all about celebration and gifts. Especially the kids wait anxiously for their Christmas gifts and it could be difficult to remember everyone. Create a list beforehand and make sure that each one of the people receives their gift as close to Christmas as possible. According to our experts’ opinion, it would be best to gift something to wear this Christmas and then add everyone on a video call to celebrate the day in the best possible way. This could be a special mask, a sweatshirt, or an ugly shirt that can be ordered from here making your loved ones’ Christmas way more special.


2. Create a Playlist

Music is the food of the soul and it would be great if you can create a Christmas playlist for your home beforehand. There are hundreds of Christmas songs and you can choose any according to your mood. Try to choose uplifting music to cheer up your mood. 

3. Decide the Menu

Cooking with your family is one of the most fun activities on a Christmas day. You should plan the dishes you are going to cook with your family on Christmas day. Every family member can pitch in and make it an event on its own. Put in your favorite dishes and you can turn it into a cooking competition within the family as well. Make sure that you get all the ingredients before Christmas because shopping near Christmas day could get really difficult.


4. Get Your Costumes Ready

Christmas attires give a special meaning to Christmas day as well. Each year there could be a new theme of Christmas and your whole family can wear a similar outfit along with your whole family. You can order special clothes online or shop from your local shopping store. Just keep in mind the costume is suitable for Christmas and you can get it before Christmas day.

5. Inform Your Relatives for a Video Call

Due to Covid-19, it is impossible for many people to get together with their immediate and extended family. In order to tackle this, you can arrange a video call with your whole family. As everyone is busy so it is suggested to plan it earlier so each one of the family members can join in. In this way, you would not miss the get together you can normally have with your relatives. You can include people from all over the globe in this call so deciding the time due to time difference is an important task as well. Hope this Christmas tuirns into the best one you have ever had.



November 13, 2020 — Bonnie Henry