Christmas is one of the most awaited events in the whole year and it is celebrated all across the globe. For one day billions of people just leave every tension aside and are just in the mood for a party. Christmas is enjoyed by people of every age, young and old because it is the day of the Lord. Kids anxiously wait for their Christmas gifts as Santa Claus arrives with them in different corners of the world.

The parents are also excited and usually, it’s a family get together. The get together can be made even more interesting if all of you are wearing the same shirts or hoodies. A great example of it could be funny poached egg sweatshirts that can worn by the whole family. These kinds of products can be ordered easily from here. 

Christmas 2020 poached eggs sweatshirt

Celebrate Virtually

As most of the routes are closed and cities are on lockdown still so it is wise to stay indoors and celebrate with your family indoors. We know that it would be difficult not to share this event with your family who isn’t staying close to you so one of the solutions for it is to unite with your family virtually. There are different online platforms like zoom, Skype, etc. that give you a free online video calling facility. You can also use Whatsapp to group call your family and friends and share how you are celebrating Christmas 2020. 

Movie Night With the Family

While you are staying indoors, working online, and most probably celebrating your Christmas in your house you can have a pretty eventful movie night with your family if they are staying with you. Even if your friends or family are not staying with you it is possible to watch the movie together through applications like Syncplay and Watch2gether. Make it even more interesting even while following the SOPs and wearing funny I wouldn't touch you masks that are easily available here.

movie night with family Christmas 2020

Attending Christmas Prayer Virtually

As many people wouldn’t be able to visit the church for Christmas prayers because it is necessary to follow the SOPs announced by the government for our own safety so attending the prayers virtually seems like the best available solution. There are a number of churches streaming prayers online and you can easily find many sources online. In this way, you wouldn’t miss your chance to pray with your fellow Christians and you wouldn’t be risking your safety and the safety of the people around you.

Christmas prayers


COVID-19 is still here and we have to be really careful till we are able to defeat it. The preparation process of vaccines is on its way but we have to follow the SOPs. Even if you want to send gifts to your loved ones try to send them online instead of going shopping. There are hundreds of services provides just like uglypartyoutfit where you can order a beautiful gift online and it would be delivered to the provided address anywhere in the world.


October 16, 2020 — Bonnie Henry