The year 2020 has been a difficult one for each one of us around the world. The pandemic is still haunting us but after months of struggle, we have learned now how to live along with it. The year is coming to an end in the few months and we would hopefully be having a vaccine for COVID-19 in the year to come. Welcoming the new year of 2021 we have one of the biggest events of the whole year waiting for us. Yes, we are talking about Christmas, the best part of the year around the globe. The streets are lit with fireworks, we decorate our homes with lights and Christmas trees, everyone is happy, and you only see joy around.

Stay Focused Stay Happy

This year is no different although we have to change the way we are used to celebrating Christmas in 2020. We have to celebrate while keeping a safe distance, wearing masks, and following the SOPs as advised by the health experts around the world. Still, we can meet our friends and family virtually if they aren’t physically around and spend the time together.

Christmas tree 2020

Spend Time With Yourself

This year Christmas should be more about spending time with yourself and doing what you love the most. You can watch your favorite movies, read the books you haven’t been able to because of work, and enjoy time with your kids or family. There are not many outdoor activities available at the moment but we can hope that the cinemas, parks, restaurants, etc. would be opened up and you can have a great time with your loved ones.

Christmas 2020 family

Make Your Spirit Animal Alive

Don’t be hopeless and try to lift your spirit along with the people around you. We need to celebrate in the best possible way this year because it has been a really tough year. We need to end this year on a high note so we can start the new year with a great spirit. Try to bake a cake, learn to cook a new dish, write something for your loved ones, or just try to create something for yourself. This would make this year and this Christmas a memorable one for you in a good way. It is time to make the effort and go the extra mile for doing so because these are hard times. We have to focus on doing the best we can this year while making it safe for everyone around us.

Christmas 2020


Christmas 2020 could be the best one you ever have by making a small effort because everyone is really tensed around us due to the situation. In such a situation, you can be the hero for yourself and the people around you by bringing a smile to their faces. Try purchasing gifts online and send them to your loved ones just like you normally do. Don’t let this pandemic ruin Christmas 2020 and take it as an opportunity to turn the whole year round by ending it on the best possible note. Challenge yourself and believe in yourself to enjoy the Christmas and make it worthwhile for your loved ones as well.

October 17, 2020 — Bonnie Henry