Kids are always excited about gifts no matter the event. Whether it’s their birthday, their parent’s marriage anniversary, or any other party they want to receive gifts. Christmas is undoubtedly the children’s favorite event of the year for a reason. Santa Claus arrives with a lot of exciting gifts for them in the eventful winter season at Christmas. If you have got grandkids you would know how happy they are even when they get chocolate as a gift. We would tell you about a list of gifts for Christmas  for your grandkids so you can make their Christmas even special. Let’s have a look.

1. Cute Tie Muscle Lion Sweatshirt

Increase the excitement of Christmas for your grandkids by giving them a cute sweatshirt with a lion on it. The sweatshirt also has a skull and snowman on it. It is a complete package because it has everything going on. A perfect gift for the winter seasons as well and you can easily buy it from here.

2. iScoot Pro

iScoot Pro is a scooty that would be a great present for your grandchildren if they are age 5 or above. It is really safe and it is designed to provide comfort and entertainment to the children. It is not expensive at all and it would be really useful for children to learn the basics of driving a vehicle at a young age. 

iScoot Pro

3. LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch

It is a really cool smartwatch and it requires a SIM card and it can be connected to any iPhone or Android device. As grandparents, you can keep in touch with your grandkids and they can call you anytime. There are GPS and LBS services available in this watch so you always know where your kids are. It is water-resistant but your kids can play different games and utilize the camera in this smartwatch as well.

LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch

4. Pomeranian Face Mask

Covid-19 hasn’t gone yet and we still need to follow the SOPs. It is recommended to wear a mask whenever you go out and it is necessary for your grandkids as well. Gift them a cute Pomeranian face mask this Christmas 2020. It would keep them safe and make them smile as well. What are you waiting for? Order it here now.

5.Barbie Dream Closet

Kids love to play with dolls and Barbie is the princess of all the dolls. If you give your kids the Barbie dream closet as a gift for Christmas 2020 they would be delighted for sure. There are more than 30 different pieces in this closet and it would make their Christmas even more exciting. You would be able to see the joy on their faces the moment they get to know about their Christmas gift. It is easily available and you can buy it online so there is no need to go to a shopping mall or a gift shop. 

Barbie Dream Closet


Stay inside, stay safe, and enjoy Christmas with your grandchildren and your family. Even if you are unable to meet your grandchildren you can still make their Christmas wonderful by sending them their gifts.


November 02, 2020 — Bonnie Henry